5083 H321 Aluminum Plate Manufacturers

When it comes to boats, we all know, especially the residents by the sea. Then we all know, why shipbuilding should use 5083 aluminum plate? In the field of shipbuilding, 5083H116/H321/H112 aluminum plate are commonly used in the ship deck, engine pedestal, ship side, bottom outer plate and other parts of the ship. The 5083 h321 aluminum plate manufacturers have find that most of the boat building enterprises purchase 5083, 5086 aluminum plate as the raw material for ship building. Today 5083 aluminum plate manufacturers will give you an introduction to why does 5083 aluminum plate known as the ship aluminum plate.


1, 5083 aluminum plate in the ship deck, ship's side and the bottom of the outer plate and other parts of the application more

2, 5083 aluminum plate density is small, can well reduce the weight of the ship plate, has good corrosion resistance, can well adapt to the marine environment, more durable.

3, 5083 aluminum plate has very good welding performance, welding process will not appear aluminum plate cracking phenomenon.

4, 5083 aluminum plate is magnesium aluminum alloy, can be very good flame retardant and can be recycled, can be more environmentally friendly and safe.

5, 5083 aluminum plate has medium strength, which can well adapt to the material strength needed for ship structure.

5083 h321 aluminum plate manufacturers - Haomei Aluminum products are certified by China Classification Society, with high flatness and good corrosion resistance, and are designated as special products by many shipbuilding enterprises at home and abroad. The company provides 5086 marine aluminum plate, 5083 marine aluminum plate, H321 and H116 state marine aluminum plate, can provide the classification society certification, China Classification Society certification (CCS) and the Norwegian classification society certification (DNV).

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