Aluminium Marine Grade Sheet

Due to aluminium marine grade sheet have low density, high strength, high rigidity and corrosion resistance, ship designers use aluminum to build ships that are 15-20% lighter than ships built from steel or other composite materials. The high toughness, corrosion resistance and weldability of marine grade aluminum alloys provide a good choice for building weight-critical ship types. Due to the lower processing cost of aluminum, it is more economical to use aluminum to build ships. Marine grade aluminium alloy can be used as a sheet, and can also be processed by extrusion and casting. Coupled with the outstanding physical properties of aluminum alloys, it is very economical to use aluminum alloys to manufacture ships.

The common used aluminium marine grade sheet are 5083 H116 and 5083 h321 aluminum plate, they belong to marine aluminum plates, which are used in oceans and lakes. For marine grade aluminium sheet, wide aluminum plates and medium thick aluminum plates are mostly used. The length and width are required to be high, usually 2m in width and 6m in length. In addition, they must be certified by the classification society. The certification of Haomei Aluminum's marine grade aluminum sheet cover ABS, LR, CCS, DBV, KR and BV.

aluminium marine grade sheet

The performance of aluminium marine grade sheet 5083H116 and H321, which is better for marine applications?

According to CCS "Code for Materials and Welding":

1, H116: aluminum alloy with magnesium content not less than 3.0%, in the state after anti-corrosion treatment;

2, H321: The state of aluminum alloy with magnesium content not less than 3.0% after work hardening and stabilization treatment.

Look at the relevant definitions of anti-corrosion treatment and hardening treatment (also refer to the national standard GB):

H1*——Hot rolling, strong tension;

H2*——Continuous casting and rolling, strong tension, partial toughening;

H3*——After internal stress treatment, the performance is stable;

H4*—— Painted or coated;

H*2——25% hardness treatment;

H*4——50% hardness treatment;

H*6——75% hardness treatment;

H*8——90 hardness treatment.

H116: It is suitable for products made of 5000 series aluminium marine grade sheet alloys with magnesium content ≥ 4%. These products have specified mechanical properties and anti-exfoliation corrosion performance requirements. It can be seen that H116 has good corrosion resistance and H321 has good corrosion resistance. Good and more stable performance, the mechanical properties of the two are similar, and they have good anti-corrosion performance after painting. As far as I know, both can be used in the construction of sea ships.

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