Seawater Corrosion Resistant Aluminum 5083

Seawater corrosion resistant aluminum 5083 alloy is widely used in marine ships, armor, automobiles, etc. due to its excellent corrosion resistance. The main additive element of 5083 aluminum alloy is mg, and the magnesium content ranges from 4.0% to 4.9%, it is suitable for welding and forming in production and application, and has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and seawater corrosion. So we can regard the 5083 aluminum a typical alloy of marine grade aluminum, for shipbuilding, ocean oil platform construction, it is a best choice.

seawater corrosion resistant aluminum 5083

When the metal is exposed to underwater or wet environments, marine grade metals may be required to prevent the material from failing under the conditions. To be considered marine grade, the material must be resistant to the corrosive effects commonly found in aqueous environments. To achieve this, special alloying elements are added to these grades to prevent corrosion. There are several different grades of aluminum suitable for marine conditions. Marine grade aluminum, in most cases, is limited to 5XXX and 6XXX series aluminum grades. Marine grade aluminum 5052 is an excellent marine grade when formability is required. If strength is more of a concern, the 5083 aluminum alloy is a good choice, marine grade aluminum 5083 have good resistance performance to uniform corrosion and pitting corrosion of seawater. 6061-T6 aluminum alloy is an all-around popular aluminum grade that is also commonly used in marine applications. It has very good corrosion resistance and is precipitation hardening. In most cases, these grades have extra chromium and manganese to help protect them from corrosive marine conditions. Applications of seawater corrosion resistant aluminum 5083 are structural shipbuilding, hulls, boat lifts, piers and other offshore structural applications.

Seawater corrosion resistant aluminum 5083 alloy has good corrosion resistance in various states, and has good corrosion resistance to atmosphere, fresh water, sea water, alcohol, gasoline and diesel, organic acid, concentrated nitric acid, and various mediums.

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