4943 Aluminum Welding Wire

The design purpose of 4943 aluminum welding wire is to provide a filler metal with the same positive characteristics as ER4043, while also having higher weld-state tensile strength. So the application area of welding wire is wider than that of er4043 aluminum welding wire, but it is not as common used as 4043 welding wire.

4943 aluminum welding wire

In terms of nominal weld-state tensile strength, ER4943 aluminum welding wire (30 ksi) is between ER4043 welding wire (24 ksi) and ER5356 welding wire(35 ksi). ER4943 aluminum welding wire can be used in all application environments where ER4043 aluminum welding wire is suitable and has the same limitations. However, a significant difference between 4043 , 5356, and 4943 welding wire is that 4943 aluminum welding wire is a heat-treatable filler metal, while 4043 and 5356 aluminum welding wire are not. ER4943 aluminum welding wire achieves excellent results when used for post-weld heat treatment of 6xxx series aluminum alloys.

Storage methods of 4943 aluminum welding wire are:

1. First, the warehouse where the 4943 welding wire is stored should be dry and well-ventilated to prevent moisture. Avoid storing corrosive substances such as water, acids, and bases in the same warehouse.

2. Secondly, the er4943 aluminum welding wire must be placed on wooden pallets and should not be placed directly on the floor or against the wall.

3. Next, during the storage and transportation of the er 4943 welding wire, be careful not to damage the packaging, especially the inner packaging with heat shrink film.

4. Of course, when opening the wire packaging, it should be used up in a timely manner (usually within a week). If the aluminum welding wire is exposed to the air, the rust prevention period will be greatly shortened, especially in damp rooms with corrosive media.

5. In addition, distribute the er4943 welding wire according to the "first in, first out" principle to minimize the length of product inventory.

6. Finally, it is important to classify and store the aluminum welding wire according to its type and specifications to avoid misuse.

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