5083 Aluminum Properties

In the shipbuilding industry, we can often see the figure of 5083 aluminum plate. Now the 5083 aluminum plate has almost become a special aluminum plate for shipbuilding. The 5083 aluminum properties has high strength, good plasticity, corrosion resistance and easy processing, it is a typical alloy in almg alloys. The 5083 aluminum alloy plates in different states are mainly used in the mold manufacturing industry, shipbuilding industry, and vehicle manufacturing industry, and a stable production process has been formed. The magnesium alloy content of this aluminum plate is between 4.0% and 4.9%, and the magnesium alloy content is relatively high. High, so the hardness and corrosion resistance are good, and it can be anodized to further improve its rust and corrosion resistance.

5083 aluminum properties

The use of 5083 aluminum plate: the material determines the purpose, and the rust and corrosion resistance and hardness of the 5083 aluminum properties determine that this product is suitable for use in marine environments and corrosive environments, so the 5083 aluminum plate is often used in ships, ships, vehicle materials, automobiles, chemical liquid pressure Containers, refrigeration units, TV towers, drilling equipment, missile elements, armor, etc.

Marine grade 5083 aluminum plate is usually used in shipbuilding and high-end equipment, so the GB/T3190-2008 standard should be strictly implemented to prepare the alloy ratio during production to ensure that the alloy content can meet the standard but not exceed the standard. Secondly, when annealing, it is necessary to release and relieve the internal stress, and pay attention not to over-burn to avoid deformation of the internal microstructure. Therefore, efforts should be made to master the balance between the annealing temperature and the annealing time. In terms of plate shape, attention should be paid to ensure the flatness, and the surface should not be scratched.

We have a large number of 5083 slabs, and can produce 5083 aluminum sheets of various specifications according to user orders. The 5083 aluminum properties and quality can stand the test. The most advanced rolling equipment, annealing equipment and straightening machine are used for production, and the plate shape, internal microstructure and grain size are well guaranteed.

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