Marine Aluminium Grade 5000 6000 series

First off, the 5000 series of marine aluminium grade alloys are extremely popular on boats. These alloys offer weld yield strengths from 100 to 200 MPa and feature good weld ductility without the need for heat treatment. They are also renowned for their high corrosion resistance. Seawater tests have shown that after ten years of use, the tensile strength of 5000 series alloys show reductions of only 2 to 5 percent.


Three marine aluminium grade alloys that are considered marine grade are 5052, 5083, and 5086. All three marine aluminium are produced primarily as rolled materials (in sheet or plates) and are commonly found in boat hulls. With high tensile strength at weld points and excellent corrosion resistance, these alloys are ideal for use in marine applications.

The 6000 series marine aluminium grade offers two more alloys of marine grade that are particularly well suited to seawater, 6061 and 6063. The former, with a yield strength of 40,000 psi, is among the most commonly used aluminum alloys across all industries, and is again a top choice for boat hulls. The latter, while not as strong as 6061, does offer greater formability, and features a high surface finish that is good for anodizing.

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