Marine Aluminium Sheet Manufacturer

Currently, there are many marine aluminium sheet manufacturer in China, but there are only a few high-quality marine grade aluminium sheet manufacturers due to differences in technological input, production capacity, and quality supervision. Marine grade aluminium sheets generally use 5000 series aluminum-magnesium alloys, which have high material strength and corrosion resistance. The non slip aluminium plate has a regular five-rib pattern. The main marine aluminium sheet grades are 5052, 5083 and 5754. 5754 is often used for marine grade aluminum checker plates, while 5083 aluminium sheet is more commonly used for flat plates. 5083-H116 aluminum plate has a high magnesium content of up to 4.9%, making it a high-magnesium alloy. It has a high corrosion resistance and can resist seawater erosion, so it is often used in the underwater parts of ships.

marine aluminium sheet manufacturer

Haomei Aluminum is one of the professional marine aluminium sheet manufacturer with strong strength. The 5083 aluminum plate produced by Haomei Aluminum has ship classification society certification and has been providing high quality shipbuilding aluminum plates to domestic and international customers for a long time. It has the ability to accept orders for complete ships with all strength, all specifications, and all civilian ship types, which is rare in the world. Equipment is the hardware for producing high-quality marine grade aluminum sheet and strengthening service capabilities, and it is a fundamental condition. "To meet customer needs to the greatest extent, Haomei Aluminum always strives to promote equipment and product upgrades. Currently, we have three medium and thick plate production lines with widths of 5000mm, 3800mm, and 2800mm. The annual production capacity of plates is 5.5 million tons, achieving full coverage of all specifications and the best production cost combination.

What does rolling force represent? According to the introduction, rolling force directly affects the thickness and shape of aluminum plates. The greater the rolling force, the greater the deformation (compression ratio), which means better internal quality of the plates. Of course, marine aluminium sheet not only have high requirements for internal quality, but also require precise control of shape and tolerances. To ensure that the thickness deviation of long length marine grade aluminium sheet in every corner and position meets the requirements, higher requirements are placed on the response speed of rolling mill equipment, personnel operation and respective automation systems of marine aluminium sheet manufacturer.

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