Marine Grade Aluminium Plate Exporters

Marine grade aluminium plate exporters mainly produce 5052 5083 and 5086 aluminum plates which suitable for yacht and boat building. Because marine grade aluminum plate have the advantages of durability, light weight, safety, environmental protection and sustainable development, etc., the material is used in yachts, vessels, ship, boat. And boats made of marine grade aluminum have longer service life, and will not be affected by other factors.

marine grade aluminium plate exporters

Why choose marine grade aluminum plate to make boat and yachts?

1, Durability:

Aluminum will not rust, corrode or rot, and can withstand temperatures of -200, which means your aluminum boat can withstand harsh weather wherever it goes. The ships are made of high-quality marine grade aluminum plate (5052/5086/5083), so they have a high design stress level.

2, Light weight and strong impact resistance:

The aluminum hull and superstructure of the ship are not only sturdy, but also light in weight, which means the ship is faster and consumes less fuel. At the same time, aluminum has excellent strength and impact resistance, which makes aluminum boats more resistant to foreign objects than composite boats.

3, Higher degree of freedom of internal customization:

Aluminum allows ship owners more freedom in internal planning, and each ship can be planned and customized according to your needs.

4, Reliable quality guaranteed by marine grade aluminium plate exporters:

Safety at sea is the primary consideration of every crew member. Aluminum will not burn or catch fire in the atmosphere. In view of the advantages and functions provided by aluminum, many navies and coast guards use aluminum boats.

5, Environmental protection and sustainable development:

The use of aluminum hulls is more environmentally friendly, because aluminum can be completely recycled and will not depreciate significantly when the ship is resold.

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