Salt Water Resistant Aluminum Plate

Salt water resistant aluminum plate have very excellent corrosion and rust resistance, which are mainly 5000 series aluminum grades. As one of the most beneficial and widely used aluminum alloy elements, magnesium is also the main element of AlMg series alloys. When it is used as the main alloying element or combined with manganese, the result is a medium to high strength non-heat treatable alloy. This family of aluminum alloys is easy to weld and has excellent corrosion resistance, even in marine applications.

salt water resistant aluminum plate

The main alloying element in salt water resistant aluminum plate is magnesium in sufficient amount to reduce the melting point substantially without causing brittleness. 5000 series aluminum plate is far stronger than Al99 or AlMn series aluminum alloys, and it has a reasonable bending radius when formed. The weldability is very good, and seawater resistant aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, especially in salt water or marine environments. 5000 series aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, good weldability, and excellent formability, making marine grade aluminum alloy a common choice for chemical, marine or seawater applications.

The salt water resistant aluminium plate are 5052, 5083, 5086, 5454, 5383 aluminum alloys, and the tempers of 5000 series marine grade aluminum plate are:

Temper: O, H111 in sheet, plate

Temper: H112 in sheet, plate

Temper: H32, H34 in thin plate, plate, thick plate

Aluminum alloy characteristics of salt water resistant aluminum plate are:

1, High strength non heat treatable alloy.

2, Excellent corrosion resistance.

3, Good fatigue strength.

4, Good welding performance.

5, Easy to form and good machinability.

6, Excellent anodic oxidation ability and good coating performance.

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