Shipbuilding Aluminum Plate

In shipbuilding aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate and 5086 aluminum plate are often used for processing on hulls, consoles, decks and other parts. But the most important thing is the underwater part of the hull, especially in the perennial seawater contact, the underwater part of the hull should be able to resist the corrosion of seawater and be durable for a long time. The most commonly used products in this part are 5083H116 aluminum plate and 5083H321 aluminum plate. The shipbuilding aluminium plates in these two states have better corrosion resistance and are more suitable for the underwater environment of the ocean than H111 and H112.

shipbuilding aluminum plate

5083 shipbuilding aluminum plate is a low-magnesium alloy product. It shows good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, water, oil and other media. 5083 medium and thick aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, and medium strength. In order to reduce welding, aluminum plates with a width of 2.0m are often used. Large ships use aluminum plate for shipbuilding with a width of 2.5m, and the length is generally 6m. Some special specifications are also used according to the contract of the shipyard. For anti-skid, the deck adopts aluminum checkered plate.

Advantages of shipbuilding aluminum plate are:

1, High value retention rate:

Aluminum alloy material can be reused repeatedly as a metal material;

2, High durability and long service life:

The effective service life of aluminum alloy boats designated by ship maintenance is 10 times that of FRP;

3, Strong impact resistance:

The impact resistance of the aluminum alloy hull is stronger than that of the FRP ship. This will be more and more reflected as the service life of the ship increases. Aluminum alloy materials have great advantages in impact resistance and erosion resistance;

4, The dead weight of the hull remains unchanged:

Especially for boats that are frequently used for work, official business, fishing, etc., the dead weight of the boat will not increase, which is an unattainable advantage of FRP boats, which greatly reduces the cost of use;

5, Quick repairability:

The aluminum alloy hull can be easily and quickly recovered after collision. The quality of the repaired hull is the same as that of the new hull, especially the rapid repairability of the aluminum alloy hull.

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