Suppliers of Marine Grade Aluminium Plate

Suppliers of marine grade aluminium plate product are used more and more widely in the shipping industry, such as small ships, motor boats, giant wheels ranging from large to 10,000 tons, civilian to military, high-speed hovercraft, etc. For deep-water submarines, from fishing boats to ocean mining ships, marine grade aluminum alloy materials with excellent performance are used as the hull, superstructure and various facilities, pipes and utensils. The use of marine aluminum to build ships can not only save resources and energy, protect the environment, and obtain huge social benefits, but also bring considerable economic benefits.

suppliers of marine grade aluminium plate

The structure and industrial environment of ships require materials with good corrosion resistance, weldability, plasticity and certain resistance, yield strength, ductility, impact resistance and other properties. To meet these properties, the most effective marine grade aluminum plate alloys that can be used on ships include industrial 1000 pure aluminum, 5000 series and 6000 series aluminum alloys. In recent years, 7000 series aluminum alloys have also attracted increasing interest. The basic series of marine grade aluminum alloys are 5000 series aluminum alloys plate and 6000 series aluminum alloy extruded profiles.

The 5000 series aluminum alloy offered by suppliers of marine grade aluminium plate:

The main 5000 series alloys used in shipbuilding industry are AA5083 aluminum alloys. Others include AA5052, AA5086, AA5454 and AA5754 alloys, all of which are non-heat-treatable alloys. The mechanical properties of the alloy depend on the chemical composition of the alloy and the hot rolling temperature. The shipbuilding AA5083 aluminum alloy is available in O state (hot rolled, annealed), H111 and H116 states (hot rolled, work hardened, stabilized). The latter is a state of stress corrosion resistance, which can prevent the material from intergranular corrosion fracture caused by tropical weather. Although the strength loss of the heat-affected zone after fusion welding of the AA5083-H111 aluminum alloy is less than that of the O state, it is still insufficient compared with the H116 or H321 temper. Because these two tempers are work-hardened and have a metastable grain structure, the strength of the heat-affected zone can be better restored through treatment.

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