What Type of Aluminum is Used For Boats

What type of aluminum is used for boats? The aluminum alloy for boat building are mainly 5052, 5083, 5086, 5454, 5754 and 6061. There are 10 kinds of materials available for ships. In addition to affecting the durability and speed, they also affect the price. The available materials used for boat depend on the level of the shipbuilder and the development of the region. The development of modern ships and marine engineering is relatively rapid, and the application of aluminum alloys in ship technology is also deepening, and marine aluminum alloys are more and more recognized and favored by people.

what type of aluminum is used for boats

Because the working environment on ships is quite special, the requirements for toughness and corrosion resistance are very high. That is why aluminum is used for boats. Marine aluminum alloy materials have the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance and weldability, which can meet the specific requirements of navigation. At present, the marine aluminum sheet for boat materials generally use aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy material and aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloy material. Among them, the most common are silicon-aluminum alloy and aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloy materials. Aluminum alloys used in shipbuilding structures mainly include the following types of alloys: 5052, 5083, 5086 and 5454. Aluminum alloys are mainly used for the structural manufacture of ships, but they are easily eroded by seawater.

What type of aluminum is used for boats? They are 5000 series and 6000 series aluminum alloy, they have different application area in boat building. Aluminum alloy shipbuilding has the advantages of small specific gravity, good corrosion resistance, good processing and forming performance, good welding performance, and small elastic modulus. The corrosion rate of seawater to 5000 series aluminum alloys is extremely slow, and low magnesium alloys are more corrosion resistant. The corrosion resistance of 6000 series aluminum alloys to seawater can reach 100%. Because of this, 5000 series aluminum alloys and 6000 series aluminum alloys have been widely used in the field of ships.

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