Aluminum Marine Grade Class Approved

The aluminum marine grade class approved manufactured by Haomei Aluminum have passed the certification of CCS/DNV/ABS/BV/LR. Common used marine grade aluminum product are 5083 h111 aluminum plate, 5083 H116 aluminum plate, 5083 h321 aluminum plate and 5086 h116 aluminum plate. Marine grade aluminum plates are often used in the shipbuilding industry. Many places in the shipyard need to use marine aluminum plates, such as ship furnace channels, deck channels, maintenance channels, up and down stairs, etc.

aluminum marine grade class approved

In some occasions, marine aluminum plates are also used in places where seawater corrodes. The thickness and height of the aluminum marine grade class approved determine the bearing capacity of the aluminum plate, and the selection should be based on actual needs. So what are the requirements for the marine grade aluminum used in the shipbuilding industry?

1, The deviation of the outer dimensions of the marine grade aluminum plate should meet the requirements.

2, If the marine aluminum plate is welded by hand, there should be 3mm weld feet on both sides, and the end should be covered with fillet welds, and there must be no missing welds, virtual welds and meat bites.

3, After the welding is completed, the aluminum plate should be straightened.

4, The surface of marine grade aluminum plate should have metallic luster, no sharp corners, burrs and splashes.

5, In terms of manufacturing process and surface treatment, it should meet the requirements.

6, When assembling by hand, the adhesive should be applied evenly, without glue coming out, and the appearance should be neat.

7, The aluminum marine grade class approved must maintain a uniform color on the surface.

8, The safe load should be 300kg, and the deflection should be less than 2mm.

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